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This JPCL Collection edition, printed in full color, includes eleven articles, originally published in JPCL, by experts in Chem/Petrochem.

Tanks: The What, Where and Why of Coating System Selection
JPCL August 2016 - Kristin Leonard, Bechtel Corp.

Reinforced Storage Tank Linings: Advantages and Applications
JPCL August 2014 - Matthew Fletcher, International Paint Ltd.

Polyurea "Loose" Liners: A Floating Fix for Cracked Concrete Secondary Containment
JPCL February 2014 - Kristin Leonard, Bechtel Corp.

The "No Big Bang" Theory: An Introduction to Risk-Based Inspection Systems for Mitigating CUI in Process Equipment and Piping
JPCL August 2013 - Peter Bock, Capital Inspectors

Developments in Waterborne Thermal Insulation Coatings
JPCL March 2013 - Sudhir Achar and Leo J. Procopio, The Dow Chemical Company

Coating Concerns for New Chemical and Petroleum ASTs
JPCL February 2013 - Warren Brand, Chicago Coatings Group

Fluoropolymers for High- Performance Applications
JPCL February 2013 - Bob Parker, AGC Chemicals Americas

Protecting Structures in Aggressive Chemical Environments
JPCL August 2011 - Gary Hall, Sauereisen, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

Minimizing coating systems for exterior exposures in chemical plants
JPCL July 2009

Premature rusting of newly coated structural steel in a chemical plant
JPCL July 2009 - Bruce Rutherford, Operations Manager, KTA-Tator, Inc.; Richard Burgess, KTA-Tator, Inc., Series Editor

Protecting Concrete Tanks for Chemical Service: A Guide to Applying Polyurea Geomembranes
JPCL August 2008 - Robert M. Loomis, Willamette Valley Co., and Sean D. Boeger, Poly-Pro Industrial Coatings, LLC