Surface Preparation Specification and Practices

Author: SSPC

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This 369-page softcover is a complete collection of SSPC surface preparation specifications, including the widely-used SSPC/NACE joint surface preparation standards for white metal (SP 5/NACE 1), near-white (SP 10/NACE 2), commercial (SP 6/NACE 3), industrial (SP 14/NACE 8), and brush-off blast cleaning (SP 7/NACE 4); waterjetting (SP 12/NACE 5); and the surface preparation of concrete (SP 13/NACE 6). Also contains the SSPC standards for solvent cleaning (SP 1), hand tool cleaning (SP 2), power tool cleaning (SP 3, SP 11, SP 15), and pickling (SP 8), plus the SSPC abrasives specifications (AB 1, AB 2, AB 3), the SSPC technology update on chemical stripping (TU 6), the SSPC guide for retrieval and analysis of soluble salts (Guide 15), and relevant excerpts from SSPC’s “Good Painting Practice” and "The Inspection of Coatings and Linings."