A JPCL Collection: Pipeline Coatings Part 1

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This JPCL Collection edition, printed in full color, includes nine articles, originally published in JPCL, by experts in pipeline coatings.

Induction Heating for Cold Weather Preheating and Post-Curing Of Liquid Epoxy Coatings On Gas Pipeline Girth Welds
JPCL February 2016 - Bruce J. Wiskel, P.E., Pacific Gas & Electric Company; and J. Peter Ault, P.E., Elzly Technology Corporation

Polyurethane Pipeline Coatings: Do Changes in Appearance Indicate Changes in Performance?
JPCL February 2017 - Stuart G. Croll, Dr. Chunju Gu and Dr. Vinod Upadhyay, North Dakota State University; and Brent D. Keil, Northwest Pipe Company

Failure Analysis: Disbonded Coating and Cathodic Protection Shielding for Pipelines And Utility Poles
JPCL July 2017 - Mehrooz Zamanzadeh, Matco Services, Inc. and George T. Bayer, Exova

Assessing Coatings on Buried Pipelines
JPCL January 2015

Preventing and Solving Delamination During Multilayer Pipeline Girth Weld Coating Application
JPCL February 2014 - J. Alan Kehr, Alan Kehr Anti-Corrosion, LLC

The Shop-Coated Pipeline That Cracked
JPCL September 2011 - Valerie D. Sherbondy, Senior Chemist, KTA-Tator, Inc., and Richard A. Burgess, Series Editor, KTA-Tator, Inc.

In-situ Coating of Corroded Pipelines in the Canadian Oil Patch
JPCL September 2011 - Mike O’Donoghue, Ph.D., and Vijay Datta, MS

Testing Coatings for Pipeline: New Laboratory Methodologies to Simulate Field Operating Conditions of External Pipeline Coatings
JPCL February 2009 - Sankara Papvinasam, Michael Attard, Bertrand Balducci, and R. Winston Revie, CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory Natural Resources Canada

In Situ Pipeline Coating Process Passes Saudi Desert Test
Baker S. Hammad, BSH Engineering Consultant Office