A JPCL Collection: Marine Coatings Part 1

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This JPCL Collection edition, printed in full color, includes eleven articles, originally published in JPCL, by experts in marine coatings.

Zinc-Rich Primer and UHP Waterjetting in Severe Marine Environments
JPCL March 2017 - Philippe Le Calvé, Anticorr Conseil; and Christian Favennec And Nicolas Bocca, DCNS

Acceptance Testing for Coatings in Insulated Service
JPCL March 2017 - Michael F. Melampy, PPG Protective and Marine Coatings

Offshore Wind Farms Successful Corrosion Protection and Effective Quality Management
JPCL December 2016 - Peter Kronborg Nielsen, FORCE Technology

Coating Evaluation Process for Municipal Manholes
JPCL September 2016 - Bob Murphy, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings

New Advances in Epoxy Coatings for Marine Markets
JPCL July 2016 - James McCarthy, PPG Protective and Marine Coatings

Development of Materials and Process Metrics for High-Performance Abrasive Blast Surface Preparation
JPCL February 2016 - Robert Kogler and Laura Erickson, Rampart LLC

Nontoxic Barnacle Antifouling
JPCL November 2015 - Brian Goldie, JPCL

Field Application of Foul-Release Coating
JPCL June 2014 - Sang Ki Chi, Seung Hyun Kim, and Byung Wan Kim Institute of Industrial Technology, Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Self-Healing Systems for Industrial And Marine Protective Coatings
JPCL August 2011 - Dr. Gerald O. Wilson and Dr. H. Magnus Andersson Autonomic Materials, Inc.

High-Solids Epoxy Systems for Protective and Marine Coatings
JPCL February 2014 - Daniel Totev, Air Products and Chemicals Europe B.V., and Marcelo Rufo, Air Products Brasil Ltda.

A Study of Rapid-Cure, Slip-Resistant Coating Systems on Ship Decks
JPCL July 2011 - Ki-Hong Kim, Dae-Young Kim, and Yong-Yeol Park, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., Ulsan, Korea, and Yun-Dong Kim, Defense Agency for Technology & Quality, Busan, Korea