A JPCL Collection: Surface Preparation

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This JPCL Collection edition, printed in full color, includes seventeen articles, originally published in JPCL, by experts in surface preparation.

Standards Used for Partial Coating Removal During Maintenance Painting
JPCL July 2017 - J. Peter Ault, P.E., PCS and Eric Shoyer, Elzly Technology Corporation

Evaluation of Surface Preparation Methods to Remediate Chlorides on Bridges
JPCL January 2017 - Bobby Meade, Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.; Michael Baase, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet; and Theodore Hopwood Ii and Sudhir Palle, University Of Kentucky

The Effect of Surface Preparation on Coating Performance
JPCL July 2016 - Patrick Cassidy, Elzly Technology Corporation and Paul Slebodnick, James Tagert and James Martin, U.S. Naval Research Lab

Development of Materials and Process Metrics for High-Performance Abrasive Blast Surface Preparation
JPCL February 2016 - Robert Kogler and Laura Erickson, Rampart LLC

Surfaces, Standards and Semantics: A Close Look at Surface Cleaning Standards: Hand- and Power-Tool Cleaning
JPCL May 2015 - Rob Francis, R A Francis Consulting Services Pty Ltd

Visual surface preparation standards
JPCL February 2015 - Rob Francis, R A Francis Consulting Services Pty Ltd

Surface Preparation: Adventures in Frustration
JPCL July 2014 - Peter Bock, CorrLine International, LLC

Surface Preparation: A Continuing Evolution
JPCL Three Decades of Change in the Coatings Industry 2013 Special Issue - Charles Lange, JPCL

Why surface preparation is important
JPCL May 2013 - Robert Barnhart, Debbie Mericle, Chuck Mobley, Tom Hocking, Jeff Bogran, and Ernestine McDaniel

Preparing Concrete Floors for Coatings
JPCL January 2013 - Tracey Glew, The Preparation Group

Preparing stainless steel for atmospheric salt service
JPCL October 2012

What is a Green Abrasive?
JPCL October 2012 - David Dorrow, Mineral Aggregates Inc.

Preparing Surfaces at Wastewater Plants: An Overview of Substrates, Practices, and Standards
JPCL September 2012 - Vaughn O’Dea, Tnemec Company, Inc.

Six Key Points You Should Know about Concrete Surface Preparation before Coating Application
JPCL July 2012 - Fred Goodwin, BASF Construction Chemicals

Characterizing Surfaces after UHP Waterjetting in New Ship Construction
JPCL May 2011 - Philippe Le Calvé, DCNS, France; Jean-Pierre Pautasso, Direction Générale de I’Armement, France; and Nathalie Le Bozec, French Corrosion Institute

Using Robots in Ballast Tanks: Project Under Way to Automate Inspection of Surface Prep and Coating Work
JPCL January 2011 - Lars-Eric Etzold, Meyer Werft GmbH

How Does Waterjet Cleaning Affect the Surface and Surface Preparation?
JPCL January 2010 - Lydia M. Frenzel, Ph.D., Advisory Council