A JPCL Collection: Surface Preparation Part 2

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This JPCL Collection edition, printed in full color, includes seventeen articles, originally published in JPCL, by experts in surface preparation.

Surface Preparation: A Continuing Evolution JPCL Three Decades of Change in the Coatings Industry 2013 Special Issue - Charles Lange, JPCL

Why surface preparation is important
JPCL May 2013 - Robert Barnhart, Debbie Mericle, Chuck Mobley, Tom Hocking, Jeff Bogran, and Ernestine McDaniel

Preparing Concrete Floors for Coatings
JPCL January 2013 - Tracey Glew, The Preparation Group

Preparing stainless steel for atmospheric salt service
JPCL October 2012

What is a Green Abrasive?
JPCL October 2012 - David Dorrow, Mineral Aggregates Inc.

Preparing Surfaces at Wastewater Plants: An Overview of Substrates, Practices, and Standards
JPCL September 2012 - Vaughn O’Dea, Tnemec Company, Inc.

Six Key Points You Should Know about Concrete Surface Preparation before Coating Application
JPCL July 2012 - Fred Goodwin, BASF Construction Chemicals

Characterizing Surfaces after UHP Waterjetting in New Ship Construction
JPCL May 2011 - Philippe Le Calvé, DCNS, France; Jean-Pierre Pautasso, Direction Générale de I’Armement, France; and Nathalie Le Bozec, French Corrosion Institute

Using Robots in Ballast Tanks: Project Under Way to Automate Inspection of Surface Prep and Coating Work
JPCL January 2011 - Lars-Eric Etzold, Meyer Werft GmbH

How Does Waterjet Cleaning Affect the Surface and Surface Preparation?
JPCL January 2010 - Lydia M. Frenzel, Ph.D., Advisory Council