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The Journal of Protective Coatings & Linings (JPCL) is the official publication of the Society of Protective Coatings (SSPC), delivering reliable information on the development and use of high-performance anticorrosion coatings and linings for steel and concrete structures. These include bridges, ships, oil and gas facilities, offshore platforms, power generation facilities, water storage and treatment, wastewater treatment, pipelines, railcars, and every type of industrial plant.

JPCL articles are written by experts in the coatings industry, covering case histories, innovative practices, technology, equipment and application, specification, inspection, cost controls and more!



  • Practical In-Plant Evaluation of Two FBE Abrasion-Resistant Overcoat Systems
  • New Advances in Epoxy Coatings for Marine Markets
  • Transforming the Subject Matter Expert into an Educator: Gaining Competitive Advantage by Applying Adult Learning Principles
  • The Effect of Surface Preparation on Coating Performance
  • How to Ensure Accurate DFT Readings: 10 Important Things to Know
  • Protecting Offshore Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico: Shortcuts = Potential Havoc
  • Problem-Solving Forum: On Approving Work (QA Inspection)
  • The Buzz: What Industry Insiders are Talking About